The reports provide extensive cost details including:

  • A profile of the major sawn wood-producing regions in North America, Europe, the Southern Hemisphere and China
  • Benchmarking of log and sawmilling costs, lumber yields, lumber and by-product revenues and margins for 29 key countries or regions
  • Assessment of transportation on delivered costs to the U.S. and Chinese markets by major exporting country
  • Cost summaries and analyses based on information gathered directly from sawmill visits or surveys
  • Option to purchase specific geographical regions/continents only
  • Includes key country profiles of mill scale, average log diameter, % kiln drying and planing, mill operating rates, and the yield from logs to lumber.
  • Includes stumpage returns to landowners for each of the 29 regions
  • Summary data by cost, revenue and earnings category by country is shown from 2002.

Global Cost Benchmarking Reports:

9th Edition – Benchmarking Report: for 2018 Annual and 2019/Q2
8th Edition – Benchmarking Report: for 2016 Annual and 2017/Q2
7th Edition – Benchmarking Report: for 2014 Annual and 2015/Q1
6th Edition – Benchmarking Report: for 2012 Annual and 2013/Q1

5th Edition – Benchmarking Report: for 2010 Annual and 2011/Q1
4th Edition – Benchmarking Report: for 2008 Annual and 2009/Q1
3rd Edition – Benchmarking Report: for 2006 Annual and 2007/Q2
2nd Edition – Benchmarking Report: for 2004 Annual

Biannual Regional Profiles Benchmarking Report – Quarterly trends from 2015/Q1 to 2017/Q1

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