Understanding the market impact of duties on Canadian lumber exports to the US

With the expiry of the U.S.-Canada Softwood Lumber Agreement, the outcome of what is next features two main potential options. The impact of probable duties on Canadian lumber exports to the U.S. is one option and this will be a game-changer for different producing areas, and especially depending on the amount the initial duties will […]

Potential Import Duties in 2017 Could Marginalize Many Canadian Sawmills

The impact of U.S. duties on Canadian lumber exports will make Canada the high cost and low margin producer in North America After the expiry of the 9-year Softwood Lumber Agreement, Americans are still claiming that Canadian sawmills are subsidized by government timber pricing. The differences between mainly public timberland ownership in Canada as compared […]

The Russians are Coming!

April Lumber Export Volumes to China are ‘Off the Scale’ with Huge Implications to Competitors Vancouver, BC – June 14, 2016 Russian softwood lumber exports to China were 1.55 million m3 in April, up by 81% from March’s 853,000 m3. March volumes were already up by 55% from February. In fact, Russia’s March export volumes […]

Canada & U.S. “Top 20” Lumber Producers’ Annual Ranking: 2015

Canadians Continue their U.S. South Pivot March 24, 2016 — Vancouver, BC The latest WOOD MARKETS annual survey of the “Top 20” Canadian and U.S. softwood lumber producers in 2015 shows solid increases by the industry in both countries as the continued recovery in the U.S. housing market, combined with strong growth in residential repair […]