China Conference & Optional Tours

Find out first-hand what all the buzz is about! WOOD MARKETS is co-hosting the China Timber & Wood Products Trade Conference & 1-day tour – Sept 16-17, 2013 in Guangzhou, focussing on the many supply sources of logs and lumber. Also WOOD MARKETS will be hosting an optional pre-conference 4-day Southern China Industry & Plantation […]

Russia: Forest Industry Competitiveness & Export Outlook

Understand the logging and wood products trends and practices in Russia. Included is a cost benchmarking analysis of Russian sawmill costs and an assessment of the risks of doing business in Russia. Link

Global Cost Benchmarking Report to Q1 2013

Global Timber/Sawmill/Lumber Cost Benchmarking Report covers annual costs and 2013/Q1 for 29 different countries/regions producing structural softwood lumber. It is a key tool in evaluating the relationship between delivered log costs to “top-quartile” and “average” mills costs and the margin potential that sawmills are able to generate, given their mill costs structures and market focus. […]

U.S. Moulding Market & Supply Options: Outlook to 2017

This five-year forecast report provides a detailed assessment of U.S. moulding market segments by product/supply region for clearwood pine lumber. It reviews the shifting trends in domestic versus offshore supply of mouldings and an in-depth insight for strategies and options in the pine lumber and moulding sectors. Early bird deadline March 31, 2013. Link – […]