2012 Global Softwood Log & Lumber Conference

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Vancouver, BC
Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2012 Conference proceedings available now.
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This one-day conference will focus on timely events and hot topics related to North America and key international markets and supplying regions, with a specific focus on softwood logs and lumber, all in four sessions: Read more.

The conference will provide:

  • A cross-section of north american and international speakers
  • discussions and analysis of new challenges, opportunities, threats and issues in 2012 and beyond
  • networking sessions with the who’s who of the global log and wood products trade, providing you with a unique opportunity to network with professionals and practitioners in the global wood products industry.

Hyatt Regency Hotel $199/NIGHT – Reservations Link
(for additional assistance, please call 1 888 421 1442 (North America) and 1 402 592 6464 (International))

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Hyatt Regency Hotel – reservations link

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This conference is a follow up to the very successful global wood products conference held in vancouver in may 2011 that attracted almost 200 delegates from around the world. It was also held in conjunction with 2011 global forest products leadership summit.

This event will again be held in in conjunction with other strategic events:

  • May 10: PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 25th Annual Global Forest & Paper Industry Conference
  • May 6-9: The pulp and paper producers council Annual Meeting
  • May 6-10: The Global Forest Products Leadership Summit 2011

Visit the forest products summit webpage at: