Siberia Forests & Forest Industry Tour
Plus Northern China/Russian Border Tour
September 11-19, 2016

Tour Details

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WOOD MARKETS will be leading another of its industry tours in Siberia to allow forest industry players to see all of the developments and new capital expenditures in Siberia’s forests and mills, including:

  • The impact of a reduced Russian ruble, lowering costs and increasing global competitiveness.
  • An opportunity to see Siberian forests from the air (to understand the lack of economic coniferous forests close to mills).
  • This trip we are featuring an extended look at a timber harvesting operation where the impact of new Scandinavian/international logging/road building equipment on FSC forests can be seen.
  • To appreciate the future growth prospects and expansions in sawmilling, plywood industries, pulp and the expected increases in exports of logs, lumber and pulp.
  • And a chance to see it all for yourself and meet other international attendees on the tour.

The Siberian wood products industry is now rapidly expanding its timber harvesting and manufacturing industry, so this is your chance see it for yourself and establish your own views! Visits will be made to some of the newest, state-of-the-art sawmills, plywood mills and a pulp mill.

The Russian trip will conclude with a look at the development of the huge imported log and lumber industry at the Sino/Russian border. We will visit log importers, sawmills and some massive value-added plants in China on Chinese side of the Russian border at Manzhouli.

The proposed 10-day tour itinerary will include the following key locations:

Irkutsk (Siberia) – Meet here on Saturday Sept. 10 or morning of Sunday Sept 11

Ust-Ilimsk Region (Siberia)

  • Focus will be on a variety of sawmills (including one of the largest sawmills in Russia), some secondary processing operations, a rail reload, and a timber harvesting operation.

Novaya Igirma (Siberia)

  • Visits to specialty Japanese export sawmills will be the focus.

Bratsk Region (Siberia)

  • Visits will include sawmills, Russia’s newest red pine plywood mill, a new $700 million pulp mill complex, and a visit to one of the largest hydro-electric dams in Russia.

Irkutsk (Siberia)

  • Visits will include a large sawmill, value-added mills and a wood products distributor.
  • We are planning a day off on Saturday Sept 17 and will have an excursion to the magnificent and scenic Lake Baikal, the deepest and largest volume lake in the world.

Manzhouli (China, at the Russia/China border) – Depart from Irkutsk on Sunday Sept. 18

  • A first-hand chance to see China’s huge wood industry processing Siberian logs & lumber.

Return to Beijing: Sept 19 (or go to our China Supply Chain Conference & Tours, Qingdao)

In conjunction with:

  • September 20, 2016  China Market, Supply Chain & Logistics Conference
  • September 21-23. 2016  China Industry & Port Tour