WOOD MARKETS’s private client consulting projects can be loosely summarized under the following categories:

  1. Due Diligence/Business/Timberlands Assessment Focus
  2. Product Focus
  3. Market Focus
  4. Benchmarking/Competitiveness Focus
  5. Supply/Demand/Price Forecasting Focus


1.  Due Diligence/Business Assessment/Timber Focus – Selected Projects:

  • B.C. Timberlands: B.C. Coast log and industry costs & trends (2013);
  • B.C. Interior Sawmill: Timber license valuation (2013);
  • B.C. Interior Sawmill: Analysis and assessment of capex on costs, revenues and earnings (2012);
  • B.C. Coast: Valuation of private timberlands based on NPV analysis (2011);
  • Western Canadian Sawmill Company Valuation: A due diligence valuation of a company’s wood product operations and timber license holdings based on current market valuations (2011);
  • Russia: Detailed review of a large timber & lumber manufacturing company’s operations and business/marketing plan, including restructuring and cost reduction recommendations (2011);
  • South Africa: Detailed review of a large forestry and wood products company’s timber, operations, costs, products, marketing with recommendations on restructuring and cost improvements (2011);
  • South Africa: Operations evaluation for a South African company’s lumber manufacturing facilities, including efficiency, cost reduction and margin improvement recommendations (2011);
  • Global Wood Products Company: A strategic review of company’s global business/marketing plan; preparation of a strategic plan as well as a potential acquisition/growth strategy (2011);
  • Eastern Russia: Development of business and marketing plan for a proposed log processing operation in Eastern Russia, including sawmill, plywood, MDF and OSB options (2010);
  • B.C. Interior Forest Licence: Due diligence on costs & comparative value of timber (2010);
  • B.C. Coast Sawmill: Key issues and trends impacting the viability of a new sawmill (2010);
  • B.C. Interior Sawmill: Due diligence on cost structure & product mix assessment (2010);
  • B.C. Wood Pellet Company: Assessment of wood supply and delivered costs of raw material, including a 10-year business proforma and margin analysis (2010);
  • B.C. Interior: Due Diligence review of two large Interior B.C. SPF finger-joint lumber producers. Detailed review of business plan, marketing plan and manufacturing operations (2009);
  • B.C. Interior: Due Diligence review of the proposed business plan, marketing plan, raw material supply and plant design and equipment selection for a new pellet manufacturing plant (2009);
  • B.C. Coast: Valuation of a private company based on a market and NPV analysis (2009);
  • North American OSB mill: Due diligence on market, logistics, costs and competitors (2008);
  • B.C. Interior and Alberta: Due diligence evaluation and assessment of a wood product producer’s raw material, manufacturing and product marketing strategy and business plan (2008);
  • Company Valuation: Due diligence on the value of a company’s assets based on proforma projections tied to long term cost trends and price forecasts (2008);
  • B.C. Coast: Due diligence work to assess a sawmill’s competitive advantage, identify mill improvement options, and recommend product and marketing options (2007);
  • B.C. Coast: Evaluation and improvement recommendations for a large Coastal B.C. sawmill operation relative to the available log supply, equipment, costs and products/markets (2005);
  • B.C. Interior: Financial, business plan and product/market analysis of a large specialty wood products remanufacturing plant (2004);
  • Russian Log Exports: Assessment of the Northern Chinese sawmilling industry and the business case for exporting logs from Siberia to China, Japan and W. Europe for further processing (2003);
  • Solid Lineal Mouldings: Assessment and competitive analysis of the solid lineal moulding business, market and cost structures relative to NZ and Chile for export to the U.S. market (2003);
  • Edge-Glued Plantation Pine Panel Plant: Due diligence assessment on expansion plans for mill in North America (2002);
  • Timber Investment Memorandum: Assessment of plantation pine resources and manufacturing business cases for the preparation of an Investment Memorandum to attract log processing investors to utilize plantation pine and eucalyptus resources in Victoria State, Australia (2001-2002).

2.  Product Focus – Selected Projects:

  • W-SPF Stud Market Assessment: Impact of key supply/demand factors (2013);
  • Treated Decking Lumber: Analyzing Price Elasticity of SYP Raw Material (2012);
  • Wood Pellets: Assessment of wood supply and delivered costs of raw material for both a sawmill and pellet mill, including a 10-year business proforma and margins (2011);
  • Wood Pellets: Due diligence report for a major investor in the B.C. Interior wood pellet manufacturing industry. Included all aspects of the business from raw material to market (2010);
  • Roof Batten: Identifying New Sources of Supply of Wood Roof Batten Material (2009);
  • MDF Mouldings: Prefinished Moulding Opportunity Assessment (2009);
  • B.C. Shake and Shingle Industry: Update Report on B.C. Shake and Shingle Industry and Review of Major Industry Players (2008);
  • MDF & PB Panels: Product Opportunities for Laminated or Coated Flatstock (2008);
  • B.C. Sawmill Outlook: North American Cedar & Hemlock Lumber Market Outlook (2008);
  • MDF Moulding and Panels: U.S. Market Research and Price Outlook (2008);
  • Clear Pine Lumber and Value-Added Products: U.S. Market and Price Outlook (2008);
  • B.C. Mountain Pine Beetle Logs – Alternative Business Plan & Market Options (2007);
  • Wood Siding: North America Production and Distribution Analysis (2007);
  • B.C. Coast Forest Industry: Development of a 10 Year Product and Marketing Outlook (2007);
  • Eucalyptus: Product Opportunities in the U.S. (2006);
  • MSR Dimension and Studs: North American Industry Analysis (2005);
  • B.C. Shake and Shingle Industry: Market and Competitor Assessment of B.C. Shake and Shingle Industry – Including Identification of Top Eight Companies (2005);
  • Chinese Wood Doors and Mouldings: A Competitive Assessment of the Manufacturing Industry and identification of Product/Market Opportunities in North American Market. (2004);
  • Plantation Pine Solid Wood Doors and F/J Mouldings: Competitive Assessment of Brazil and South African Producers and Identification of North American Market Opportunities (2003);
  • SPF 2×3 & 2×6 Shorts: BC’s Volume Potential of for North American I- Joist Production (2002);
  • Studs: North America Market Assessment of Major Players by Output & End Use Demand (2002).

3.  Market Focus – Selected Projects:

  • Chile: US market assessment for specialty wood (2013);
  • Russia: Market study and assessment (2013);
  • B.C. /global: Lumber/panel market outlook to 2042 – production, imports, exports, demand (2012);
  • Australia: Timber &lumber – domestic, imports & exports – forecasts for volumes & prices (2012);
  • Door Jamb & Frame Market: North American Supply of Door Jambs and Frames (2011);
  • Export Markets: Global Demand Outlook for Appearance Quality Softwood Lumber (2010);
  • New England: Market/Channel Assessment:Exterior Wood Products – Siding,Trim,Decking (2010);
  • North America: OSB Supply & Demand Forecasts (2009);
  • Pine Board Market: Market Assessment of No. Am. Finger-joint & Solid Clear Pine Board (2009);
  • China: Market Research/Demand for Russian Softwood Logs and Lumber in China. Identification of most Suitable Distribution Channels and Potential Partners for a Russian Company (2009);
  • Global Timber & Lumber Trends: Outlook in Relation to a Greenfield Investment (2008);
  • Europe/Russia: Evaluation/Potential for Lumber Exports to the USA (2008);
  • Middle East: Market Research & Export Product Identification – from field work (2008);
  • China: Forest Industry and Lumber Industry and Market Analysis for an Exporter (2008);
  • U.S. Lumber and Engineered Panel Product Markets/Outlook: Numerous Projects (2006-2008);
  • Russia: Opportunities/Markets for New Investments in Various Wood Products (2008);
  • Birch Lumber: China Market Research for Lumber Produced in Western Canada (2008);
  • Export Markets: BC Export Market Share of Lumber, Panels, Value-Added Products (2008);
  • Brazil: Plantation Pine Structural Pine Lumber Assessment (2007);
  • China: Timber Supply Assessment & Survey of Chinese-Grown Wood Supply (2007);
  • Baltic States: Softwood Lumber Market Research for a Potential Sawmill Investment (2006);
  • Russia: Assessment of Manufacturing Investments in Russia (2005);
  • China: Export Market Opportunity for Softwood Stile/Rail Doors & Finger-Joint Mouldings (2004);
  • Export Markets: Western Red Cedar Market Promotion Survey & Market Assessment (2003);
  • Hemlock Dimension Lumber: U.S. Market Assessment for Green & Kiln Dried Hemlock (2002);
  • Aspen Lumber: Assessment of U.S. Market Opportunities for Western Canadian Aspen (2002);
  • Secondary Wood Products & Processing: Identification of Investment Potential in Alberta (2002);
  • Canada Wood Export Strategy – Assessment of Canada’s Fit in International Markets (2002);
  • Europe & Southern Hemisphere: Assessment of Softwood Lumber in North America (2002);

4.  Benchmarking/Competitiveness Focus – Selected Projects:

  • Alaska: Primary processing analysis & options (2013);
  • Pacific Rim Timber and Sawmill Costs: Competitiveness and margin analysis of origin country mills vs. Chinese mills using the same domestic/export log (2011 & 2012);
  • Northern B.C.: Evaluation of Northern B.C. sawmill competitive advantages and disadvantages compared to average and top quartile B.C. Interior sawmills (2011);
  • Global Lumber Competitiveness: Assessment of competitiveness in terms of costs, operations and other operational and product benchmarks (2010);
  • Canada Sawmill Business & Cost Analysis: Assessment of the business and costs of 150 sawmills in Canada and development of provincial and a Canadian mill cost curve (2009);
  • Global Timber/Lumber Cost Benchmarking: Bi-annual Multi Client Report (2002-13);
  • MDF and Finger-joint Moulding Cost Benchmarking: Producers in North America and South America Supplying the U.S. Market (2006 & 2008);
  • Softwood Lumber/ Engineered Panel Cost Benchmarking: for a So. Hemis. Exporter (2008);
  • Assessment of the Western European Timber, Sawmilling and Market Assessment: Including Infrastructure as well as Competitive Cost Analysis and Opportunities for Offshore Exports (2002);

5.    Price Forecasting Focus – Selected Projects:

WOOD MARKETS conducts multiple price forecasts each month, both in our published reports and incorporated in client reports as discussed above. Profiles of a few projects are summarized here:

  • Export Lumber Prices: Commodity lumber products from various producing regions (2012);
  • Mouldings: North American Moulding Supply, Demand & Price Outlook to 2016 (2012);
  • Softwood Lumber: Price Forecast & Analysis for a Pacific North West Lumber Producer (2008);
  • Clear Pine Lumber & Mouldings: Price Surveys & Forecasts of Clear Pine Lumber & Moulding Products in the U.S.: (1994 to date);
  • Industrial Lumber: Price Outlook for North America Industrial Lumber vs. Common Grades (1998);
  • WOOD MARKETS – The Solid Wood Products Outlook & Five-Year Outlook: includes a five year outlook for lumber, plywood, OSB, MDF and particleboard plus price forecast (1996 to date);
  • WOOD Markets International Monthly Report: Lumber/panel price forecasts (1996 to date);

Further summaries of other projects are available on request. Other project summaries between 1989 and beyond, as well as CV’s of WOOD MARKETS key consultants are available at: