News Release: FEA purchases WOOD MARKETS

WOOD MARKETS is pleased to announce that our company has been purchased by Forest Economic Advisors LLC (FEA) based in Massachusetts. The WOOD MARKETS team in Vancouver, BC will enhance FEA’s current products and services with more depth in terms of international supply trends and market dynamics and will provide more strategic analysis in global costs and trade flows. In return, the FEA team will provide WOOD MARKETS with improved access to many economic and industry details as well as the timberland business. Collectively, the new enterprise of FEA in conjunction with WOOD MARKETS will offer its clients enhanced insights into better understanding what the emerging demand, supply and price trends might be in North America and global markets for a variety of wood products and timber.

Russ Taylor, formerly the President of the International Wood Markets Group, has assumed the role of Managing Director of FEA-Canada. Russ and his team will continue to spearhead the production of WOOD MARKETS’ key publications and Russ will remain available to lead independent research projects. 


Forest Economic Advisors LLC (FEA) is an employee-owned economic forecasting and consulting firm that focuses on the global wood products and timber industries. FEA was founded in 2009 by a small group of committed analysts and has now grown to 18 employees with offices in Littleton, MA (Headquarters); Vancouver, British Columbia; Beijing, China; Auckland, New Zealand; Quebec City, Quebec; and Atlanta, Georgia.

FEA uses modern econometric techniques and deep institutional knowledge of the forest products industry to produce timely, actionable and insightful analysis for stakeholders in the global wood products and timber sectors. The company has methodically built up a large (and ever-expanding) industry data set and extensive industry contacts which it combines with its proprietary modeling systems to deliver comprehensive and consistent forecasts. Further information on FEA can be found at:

FEA engages with more than 200 subscription clients via its full suite of analytical products covering the forest products industry. Its offerings include: Monthly Advisors for near-term analysis, the Quarterly Forecasting Service for a longer-term outlook, an extensive historical database, the industry’s only global cost benchmarking database for softwood lumber, and the industry’s only comprehensive, up-to-date, mill-level capacity reports by sector. FEA also produces single and multi-client research on timely topics affecting our industry. FEA runs two well-attended annual conferences in Vancouver, British Columbia and Portland, Oregon.


International WOOD MARKETS Group was started 25 years ago with the objective of investigating the many factors impacting regional and global markets for wood products. The company provides industry and market expertise in the solid wood products field. Many of its activities are tied to elements of its clients’ business plan to integrate raw material inputs and costs with existing or proposed processing facilities to competitively fit with product and market options.

The WOOD MARKETS team of professionals has delivered expert consultative services in global markets to an extensive client base in Canada and the United States as well as many other offshore countries including the Southern Hemisphere, China and Russia. Strategic business assessments matching the timber resource to the global wood products market coupled with feasibility analyses of timber processing options have been trademark skills of the firm. WOOD MARKETS also operates a satellite office in China.

The firm publishes a number of strategic industry reports, including:

  • WOOD Markets Monthly International Report (since 1996).
  • The China Bulletin – Monthly Report (since 2008).
  • WOOD Markets 5-Year Outlook: Lumber & Panels (since 1996).
  • Global Timber/Lumber Cost Benchmarking Report (since: 2003).


For further information, contact:

Forest Economic Advisors (

Paul Jannke, Principal                                978-496-6336               Brendan Lowney, Principal                     978-496-6334



Russ Taylor                                    604-801-5996