Global Log & Lumber Conference Presentations: Now Available!

The presentations from the Vancouver Global Log & Lumber Conference are now available for purchase. The conference was a two-day international log, lumber, industry and markets conference including a cross-section of 20 North American and international speakers, plus many panelists. This conference remains vital to market planning and strategy setting, to better assess developments in key global […]

Billion Board Foot Club 2018

Steady Growth for Many Companies, but Headwinds Evident The annual FEA Canada’s “Billion Board Foot Club” list of top global lumber companies showed further gains in production by those companies making the threshold. As it has since 2007, West Fraser is the world’s largest softwood lumber producer: in 2018, the company produced 6.6 billion bf. […]

The Russians are Coming!

New Russia Report provides outlooks to 2025/2030 that shows Russia’s Expanding Softwood Lumber Industry is Rapidly Displacing Other Exporters to China! The trends are clear – Russia’s softwood lumber production and exports have risen dramatically: Russian softwood lumber production, estimated at 39 million m3 in 2018, has increased by 55% over the past ten years. […]

China’s demand for logs and lumber grew in 2018

China’s demand for logs and lumber grew in 2018 vs. 2017, but most of the gains were recorded earlier in year before a slowdown and price uncertainty emerged China Bulletin reports that softwood log imports gain 9%, but softwood lumber imports decline by 1%. February 15, 2019 — Vancouver, BC  In preparation for the February […]