U.S. Softwood Prices & Demand Poised to Rise

U.S. Softwood Lumber Demand and Prices Poised to Rise Slowly in 2012, but gaining momentum in 2013 as demand climbs – price surges to start in 2014! Softwood lumber outlook calls for modest short-term gains as the U.S. economy and housing starts recover slowly and steadily – though still risks ahead. The ongoing U.S. housing […]

Huge Reductions in from Pine Beetle Epidemic

Huge Reductions in the BC Interior Timber Harvest from the Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic will Create Winners, Losers and Casualties New Dynamics & Revealing Outcomes will be Modeled and Profiled in a new BC Mountain Pine Beetle Update Report to be released in early 2012 In the spring of 2010, International WOOD MARKETS Group released […]

North American Sawmilling Earnings in 2010

Highest North America sawmilling earnings in 2010 were achieved in Western Canada and the U.S. South, while poorest results were found in Eastern Canada; U.S. West was mixed Global Cost Benchmarking Report on delivered logs, sawmilling and lumber in 32 countries and regions reveals global winners and losers as markets improve modestly in 2010 and […]

Canadian Exports to China Increase

Canadian (mainly BC) lumber exports to China increase by 96.6% in first half of 2011 compared to same period in 2010! China poised to import approximately 35% of BC’s total lumber production in 2011. Chinese softwood lumber imports from Canada totalled 3.14 million m3 (about 1.8 billion bf – nominal) for the first six months […]