Billion Board Foot Club Loses More Members

Billion Board Foot Club in 2008 loses more Company Members as a result of the Global Market Slump The number of global softwood lumber companies that produced one billion board feet of lumber (nominal size) or more fell to only 11 companies in 2008 as compared to 15 in 2007 and 22 in 2006. The […]

West Fraser Now The #1 Producer

West Fraser now the #1 Softwood Lumber Producer in Canada and North America “Top 20” Canadian softwood lumber producers suffer a stunning blow in 2008 due to market collapse. The latest ranking of Canada’s “Top 20” lumber producers in 2008 indicates that total softwood lumber production by the Top 20 Canadian companies decreased by 16.7% compared […]

China Facing the Brunt of a Pending Log Supply Shortage

China facing the brunt of a pending log supply shortage as a result of Russia’s current 25% Log Export Tax and the scheduled 80% Tax – Tightening log supply pressure only being partially averted due to reduced market demand and currency volatility as a result of the global economic crisis. While Russia’s move to an […]

Russian Log Importers Dodge the Bullet – For Now!

Delay of the 80% Log Export Tax for 9 to 12 Months Only Creates More Uncertainty for Log Importers. After having insisted for two years that the increasing log export tax was essential to develop the domestic log processing industry and therefore not negotiable, the Russian government has suddenly done an “about face” on the […]