U.S. South Achieves Best Earnings

U.S. South’s ‘average’ softwood sawmills achieve the best North American earnings results North American results show earnings at Eastern Canada sawmills were the worst, Western Canada sawmills were in the middle of the pack, but U.S. sawmills are considered the winners in a terrible year …. read more.

Softwood Sawmills Around the Globe Incur EBITDA Losses

Softwood sawmills around the globe incur EBITDA losses averaging US$-12/m3 in 2008 – worsening in Q1 2009. Biggest losses seen in Canada — especially in Eastern Canada Sawmills around the world experienced some of the worst losses in recent history during 2008 and early 2009. The global average losses (on an EBITDA basis) were US$-12/m3 […]

Global Wood Industry Trends & Statistics

Attaining competitive advantage by better analyzing global supply/demand forces Globalization of the wood products industry continues at an unprecedented rate, with new opportunities continuing to emerge in both good and bad markets. Importing countries continually switch from traditional exporters to new suppliers as economics, currency, logistics, freight rates, politics and customer preference continue to change. […]

Billion Board Foot Club Loses More Members

Billion Board Foot Club in 2008 loses more Company Members as a result of the Global Market Slump The number of global softwood lumber companies that produced one billion board feet of lumber (nominal size) or more fell to only 11 companies in 2008 as compared to 15 in 2007 and 22 in 2006. The […]