U.S. softwood to rise slowly in 2010

U.S. softwood lumber demand and prices poised to rise slowly in 2010 but gaining momentum in 2011 as demand climbs – price surges to follow! Softwood lumber outlook calls for gains as the U.S. economy and housing starts to recover slowly and steadily – but still some risks ahead … read more.

China still importing huge volumes of Russian logs

China still importing (and requiring) huge volumes of Russian logs and lumber China’s domestic wood consumption is closely coupled to Russian imports; supplying nearly 85% of China’s total softwood log imports in 2008 and through 2009 …. read more.

U.S. South Achieves Best Earnings

U.S. South’s ‘average’ softwood sawmills achieve the best North American earnings results North American results show earnings at Eastern Canada sawmills were the worst, Western Canada sawmills were in the middle of the pack, but U.S. sawmills are considered the winners in a terrible year …. read more.

Softwood Sawmills Around the Globe Incur EBITDA Losses

Softwood sawmills around the globe incur EBITDA losses averaging US$-12/m3 in 2008 – worsening in Q1 2009. Biggest losses seen in Canada — especially in Eastern Canada Sawmills around the world experienced some of the worst losses in recent history during 2008 and early 2009. The global average losses (on an EBITDA basis) were US$-12/m3 […]