U.S. Moulding Sector Projected to be Hit Hardest

U.S. Moulding Sector projected to be hardest hit of all major building materials. Housing market slump impacts offshore moulding producers the most as “perfect storm” stalls US market. The market outlook for 2009 remains grim until a delayed recovery start in 2010 …. read more.

Lumber Prices to Spike, but Not Until 2011

Previous housing cycles suggest soaring prices at over US$400/Mbf. If history can be used as a guideline to simulate the next housing “up-cycle”, then prospects for huge price increases look very exciting! …. read more.

Pine Beetle Killed Timber to Fuel the BC Interior Sawmilling

Mountain Pine Beetle Killed Timber to Fuel the BC Interior Sawmilling Industry for Another Decade Various factors indicate that SPF lumber output could remain in the 10-15 billion bf range for the next ten years. There continues to be considerable uncertainty around the “economic shelf life” …. read more.

China Integrating Plantations Into Operation

China’s Wood Products Industry Increasingly Integrating Plantations into Operation China continues to be the world’s wood products “engine of production” and will further utilize domestic plantation timber to maintain its position as the largest exporter of finished wood products …. read more.