The Russians are Coming!

April Lumber Export Volumes to China are ‘Off the Scale’ with Huge Implications to Competitors Vancouver, BC – June 14, 2016 Russian softwood lumber exports to China were 1.55 million m3 in April, up by 81% from March’s 853,000 m3. March volumes were already up by 55% from February. In fact, Russia’s March export volumes […]

Canada & U.S. “Top 20” Lumber Producers’ Annual Ranking: 2015

Canadians Continue their U.S. South Pivot March 24, 2016 — Vancouver, BC The latest WOOD MARKETS annual survey of the “Top 20” Canadian and U.S. softwood lumber producers in 2015 shows solid increases by the industry in both countries as the continued recovery in the U.S. housing market, combined with strong growth in residential repair […]

China Log and Lumber Imports Post Weaker Results in 2015

Construction market slowdown from massive over-building and a slowing economy coupled with eroding currency rates and lower U.S.-dollar prices create a tough year, especially for log exporters to China. China Customs released the December and total 2015 statistics for forest products imports, including logs and lumber. While the eroding import volumes and prices have been visible all […]

Forecasters struggle for accuracy as U.S. Housing Starts grew steadily in 2015

Forecasting housing starts has been elusive, but it is critically important as new residential construction represents one of the largest consumption segments for lumber and panels January 20, 2016 — Vancouver, BC The US Census Bureau & the Department of Housing & Urban Development released its December and total 2015 statistics on new residential starts […]