European/German Sawmilling Technology is now operating in the U.S. South

European/German Sawmilling Technology is now operating in the U.S. South Can it revolutionize the U.S. Industry and impact markets? With one mill now operating in Florida using 100% imported European log merchandising, sawmilling, drying and planing equipment, what does this mean to the U.S. industry and markets? Could a new sawmill processing technology change the […]

Five-Year Forecast Calls For More Volatility

Rising Lumber Demand Coupled with Tighter Log Supplies in North America Should Allow for Record-Level U.S. Prices in 2017 New WOOD MARKETS five-year forecast calls for more volatility as North American and global lumber markets continue to recover and grow In WOOD MARKETS’ new five-year forecast, the good news is that North American and global […]

U.S. moulding consumption poised for a long-awaited market rally

Improving U.S. Moulding Market Spurring on a Rise in Imports and Prices.  Industry consolidation as well as closures of moulding manufacturing plants both in North America and in key Southern Hemisphere plantation pine countries is starting to look somewhat constrained as U.S. demand starts to move into higher gear by 2015. Read More

China Wood Products: Myths, Hype and/or Facts? What is Next?

Is China’s market crashing, correcting, or growing?  Or is it all of these? A sample of just some of many headlines on China that have been released since mid-July is summarized below. The themes and outlooks vary substantially, but one way to find out the real answers are to hear and see them for yourself […]