China Wood Products: Myths, Hype and/or Facts? What is Next?

Is China’s market crashing, correcting, or growing?  Or is it all of these? A sample of just some of many headlines on China that have been released since mid-July is summarized below. The themes and outlooks vary substantially, but one way to find out the real answers are to hear and see them for yourself […]

The 2013 “Billion Board Foot Club” of largest softwood lumber producers shows further growth as the big get even bigger

West Fraser remains the global leader but acquisitions continue to change the industry landscape. The latest WOOD MARKETS annual survey of the “Billion Board Foot Club” that features the largest global softwood lumber producers shows that West Fraser Timber has retained its title of being the world’s largest softwood lumber producer in 2013 with 5.15 billion […]

Canada & U.S. “Top 20” Lumber Producers’ Annual Report: The big Companies are Getting Bigger!

North American lumber production moves higher as demand continues to improve  March 24, 2014 — Vancouver, BC  The latest WOOD MARKETS annual survey of the “Top 20” Canadian and U.S. softwood lumber producers shows modest gains in both countries in 2013 as lumber demand continues to rise in the U.S. and in key export markets. […]

China Conference & Optional Tours

Find out first-hand what all the buzz is about! WOOD MARKETS is co-hosting the China Timber & Wood Products Trade Conference & 1-day tour – Sept 16-17, 2013 in Guangzhou, focussing on the many supply sources of logs and lumber. Also WOOD MARKETS will be hosting an optional pre-conference 4-day Southern China Industry & Plantation […]