8th Biennial Benchmarking Report:
for 2016 Annual and 2017/Q2


This biennial report covers 29 countries or regions on six continents on an annualized basis, with an update for the latest quarter prior to publication.  This is the only report that compares, on an apples-to-apples basis, competing regions’ costs in terms of delivered log costs, sawmilling costs, earnings and delivered lumber prices to determine competitiveness between regions and in key export markets. Historical trends back to 2002 are included for ‘average’ and ‘top-quartile’ mills. A detailed profile of the year (2016 in the case of the 2017 report) is conducted for North America, Europe & Russia and the Southern Hemisphere (combined with China).

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2017 Table of Contents

New in this report:

1. Quarterly cost trends — in new tables and graphs — from Q1/2015–Q2/2017 for most  countries/regions

2. Delivered lumber costs to 3 key export markets:
• U.S. South (from 10 exporting regions)
• China (from 13 exporting regions)
• Australia (from 10 exporting regions)

3. Impacts of U.S. duties on Canadian lumber will show how the U.S. delivered lumber cost  curve flattens out in 2017