Russia Forest Industry Competitiveness &
Export Outlook to 2025
(with a focus on China)


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Preliminary Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Russia Forest, Industry and Export Trends
    Recent Trends in Russia’s Forest Industry
    Russian Timber Harvest
    Russian Softwood Lumber
    Russian Log and Lumber Exports
  3. Russia Competitive Analysis
    Russian Costs and Competitiveness in Russia
    Competitiveness Analysis: Delivered Log and Lumber Costs to China
  4. Russia’s Export Market Fit
    China’s Log and Lumber Consumption and Supply Chain
    Major Geographic Regions in China for Russian Versus Other Log/Lumber Suppliers
    China Outlook and Russia Fit
    China Log and Lumber Price Outlook
    Russian Exports to Other Countries


FEA is releasing a new report, Russia: Forest Industry Competitiveness & Export Outlook to 2025 (with a focus on China). The report features outlooks for Russia’s timber harvest and lumber production and exports to 2025, including Russia’s expanding fit with China. As well, price forecasts to 2025 for Russian and competing logs and lumber in China are provided.

This report also analyzes the cost structures of the Russian logging and sawmilling industry, including delivered costs to China and other key export markets. It also examines the future of Russia’s log and lumber industries, providing outlook on log and wood product prices in China and other key export markets for Russian and other competitors.

This is WOOD MARKETS/FEA’s fourth special report on Russia (going back to 2004) and is based on regular travel to Russia, conference and speaker presentations in Russia, hosted industry tours in Russia, and more than 30 industry and market consulting assignments for Russian companies. Our team has acquired a deep understanding of where the Russian industry is going, including the key obstacles to overcome as well as the emerging export market opportunities.

This new report on Russia incorporates new field analysis in Siberia and the Russian Far East and further investigations in China around how Russian logs and lumber fit into China and other export markets. Russia’s emerging competitiveness is something not well understood by most Western companies. It will become more important for major exporters to understand Russia’s emerging fit in key markets like China for log exporters, such as from New Zealand, as well as major lumber exporters such as Canada and Europe.

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